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It means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of value

Michael Porter

January 15, 2023

The cliché of Customer Experiences

A framework to make Customer Experience measurable and actionable for your organisation

Will Customer Experience remain a fad without a better business case?


Customer Experience has become overused as to almost a cliché, but it remains an important management objective. But many organizations are still struggling to see a clear connection between Customer Experience and the promised impressive financial results. In this article, I will add granularity to the broad definition of Customer Experience which will help organizations to keep Customer Experience measurable and actionable.

May 30, 2023

Digital Experiential Value
Using value equations to understand the impact of Digital Customer Experiencs on Customer and Supplier value

There is no single and easy way of understanding your customers’ perception of value. In this article I use the concept of traditional value equations as an approach to find out how the trade-off between perceived customer digital experiential value and supplier value works and how an organization can optimize for a win-win situation.


I will dive into the different equations of customer value and will posit that a small change in sacrifice will have substantial leverage on perceived Digital Experiential Value.

Mar 28, 2023

Digital Experiential Value
How Digital Customer Experiences influences Customer and Supplier value

How you define value is interesting. It changes from customer to customer and from product to product (or service). According to Burns and Woodruff (1992) customer value is:

“Customer value is the customer perceived benefit adjusted with the relative sacrifice.” In this series of articles, I’ll combine the different classifications and put them in the context of Digital Customer Experiences.

Mar 7, 2023

Digital Customer Experience Elasticity 
In this paper I introduce the concept of Digital Customer Experience Elasticity.

Digital Customer Experience Elasticity is the measurement of the degree of change in demand and/or price in response to a change in Digital Customer Experience

December 3, 2023

CX Led Profitable Growth Flywheel

The virtous cycle that reflects the impact of Customer Experiences on Profitable Growth

Nailing down long-term success in business boils downto optimizing the balance between growth andprofitability. Growth is all about a business’ expansionin size or market share, while profitability zeroes in onthe revenue a business rakes in compared to itsexpenses. To solidify the foundation for profitablegrowth, it is key to carve out a growth strategy thatzeroes in on both of these aspects.

Customer Experiences (CX) is one way to pull this off. In this article I introduce the CX Led ProfitableGrowth Flywheel. A mechanism that reflects theimpact of Customer Experiences on Profitable Growth.

Nov 20, 2020

How organizational goals and digital disruption impacts organizational behavior in traditional companies
Behavioral Economics 

A company whose distinguishing feature is rigidity cannot adapt easily to digital disruption and tends to resist transformation. To guard against disruption, established companies should launch new businesses that have freedom along with access to advantages that digital natives usually lack. In the environment of change and building new businesses, it has become a primary need to empower leadership and support their followers' autonomy to allow satisfaction of the basic psychological needs and to get sustainable motivation. The focus of this paper is on organization-centric activities and perspectives. The processes, leadership, culture and mindset required to effect change and how organizational goals and transformation impacts organizational behavior to guard companies against disruption.

Apr 18, 2023

Digital Experiential Value
The customers' conscious and unconscious state of mind

Many organisations try to prevent any breakdowns while delivering customer value. But, there is actually a great opportunity for organisations to differentiate when something goes wrong. Read this article about how unconscious digital customer value becomes conscious and how this differs during the different stages of the journey.

Apr 17, 2023

Ambidextrous Innovation
A literature Study on Ambidexterity and Innovation

This literature review explores different theories of ambidexterity and innovation and uses logical argumentation to combine theories in to a framework. The framework can help organizations to analyse and substantiate how and when an opportunity for innovation arise for their organization.