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January 14, 2024

Customer Experiences Explaind
CX cliché series

The concept of Customer Experience has become overused as to almost a cliché, but it remains, or still remain, an important management or board objective.

This article gives you an idea how we could add granularity to the broad CX definition. My goal is to make CX more understandable and actionable so that anyone regardless of their discipline can understand and use it, but above all, discuss it in their organization.

October 29, 2023

CX Led Profitable Growth
Growth series

My hypothesis is that when Customer Experience exceeds a certain threshold, the impact on profitable growth is lost. Which means that the optimal profitable growth from Customer Experience can be reached using the mid-point between two points. This requires research and this article set the initial context for this and drop some research questions on the concept of Customer Experience Elasticity.

Apr 19, 2023

Digital Experiential Value Part II
Value series

Many organizations try to prevent any breakdowns while delivering customer value. But, there is actually a great opportunity for organizations to differentiate when something goes wrong. Read this article about how the unconscious digital customer value becomes conscious and how this differs during the different stages of the journey.

Feb 21, 2023

Digital Customer Experience Elasticity Part III:
Experience series

In this article, I argue that the impact of Digital Customer Experience has a significant cushioning effect on demand when the sector is at risk. When a sector or industry is at growth, the effect is positive but less significant compared to when a sector is at risk.

Feb 07, 2023

Digital Customer Experience Elasticity Part II:
Experience Series

In this article I will further elaborate on Digital Customer Experience elasticity in the context of elastic and inelastic products and services. Before you continue, I highly recommend revisiting this article first.

December 24, 2023

The value of Customer Experiences
2023 Reflection

How Customer Experience Influences Customer and Organisational value. I reflect upon my lessons learned after reading and writing this year about the value of Customer Experiences.

I will briefly touch upon how the customers unconscious mind plays a role in delivering customer value. What customer value actually means and how customer experiences can be linked to it.

Mar 7, 2023

Digital Customer Experience Elasticity Part IV - conclusion:
Experience series

Customer Experience is a relatively new concept, in both theory and practice, which has gained larger attention in the recent past, particularly in the last three decades. In this article I conclude on the previous three articles on the different assertions I made on the impact of Digital Customer Experience on Business Economics.

Mar 28, 2023

Digital Experiential Value
Value series

Delivering Digital Customer Experience invariably raise questions about business economics, priorities, and how to invest in it. Without a quantified link tovaluesuch efforts often can’t show clear gains and as such clear foundation to create momentum in your organisation. Read this article to understand how Icombine different classifications of Customer and Business Value and put them in the context of Digital Customer Experiences

Jan 24, 2023

Digital Customer Experience Elasticity Part I:
Experience Series

The field of business economics provides an interesting analogy: that of elasticity. Whatever your product, there's no single price point that will make all customers buy even though none would have paid a higher price.

I argue that the impact of Digital Customer Experiences on demand is a mathematical function

November 1, 2023

CX Led Profitable Growth Flywheel

Growth series

How to nail down long-term success in business? This boils down to optimizing the balance between growth and profitability. Customer Experiences (CX) is one way to pull this off. But how? In this article I introduce the CX Led Profitable Growth Flywheel. The CX Led Profitable Growth Flywheel illustrates how Customer Experience leads to Customer Satisfaction and Competitive Advantage which both find their way to Profitable Growth.

May 30, 2023

Digital Experiential Value
Value series

There is no single and easy way of understanding your customers’ perception of value. In this article I use the concept of traditional value equations as an approach to find out how the trade-off between perceived customer digital experiential value and supplier value works and how an organization can optimize for a win-win situation.


I will dive into the different equations of customer value and will posit that a small change in sacrifice will have substantial leverage on perceived Digital Experiential Value.

Mar 24, 2023

Digital Customer Experience Elasticity Paper
Experience series

Digital Customer Experience Elasticity is the measurement of the degree of change in demand and/or price in response to a change in Digital Customer Experience. Download the paper below.

Nov 11, 2022

Storytelling is the New Black - again:
Experience series

We are entering the age of conversational interfaces that are powered by our voice or gestures. In this article I share my view on what that means for designing, managing and delivering content when the interface is conversational?